Julian Summerhayes

“If we find ourselves with a desire that nothing in this world can satisfy, the most probable explanation is that we were made for another world.”

– C S Lewis

“If you do not express your own original ideas, if you do not listen to your own being, you will have betrayed yourself.”

– Rollo May

The power of silence

We’re often reminded about the power of words to change the world. Indeed, as someone who makes a living from creating memorable content, I wouldn’t disagree (my expectation is a little lower…!). And, of course, those words need to be brought to life, and conversation and dialogue is the lifeblood of any relationship.

But, if you’re anything like me, there are times in my life where I crave silence—apart from anything else, it’s immensely restorative and plugs me back in to the ineffable aspect of my soul.

And when I talk about silence, I don’t just mean to find a quiet space. No, I mean total immersion.

It’s much harder than you think not least the fact that even when we find a place of solitude, we nearly always feel an inextricable need to tune back in to the real world (I don’t think it’s an addiction but the Lizard brain gets scared and looks for the sanctuary of knowing that it’s not alone).

I know it’s hard in these days of the ‘always on’ society to find a space where we can connect with silence, but even things so simple as turning off all electronic devices and sitting with your eyes closed for a few minutes can open a gap of silence that touches your inner Self.

Perhaps when you come to reflect on things at the end of the week, you might ask yourself how you can create the space to enjoy silence and your own presence. Call this deliberate practice or mindfulness, but don’t wait until the time is just right. Go out and explore silence—the space, the location and the sense of connection with a higher place.

Note: Once of my favourite books on this subject is The Spirit of Silence by John Lane. It not only explains the subject further but it gives a wonderful historical perspective on silence.

“Every human being must have a point at which he stands against the culture, where he says, this is me and the damned world can go to hell”

– Rollo May